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The Wolverine Rangers Range War and SASS Michigan State Championship will be held over Labor Day Weekend September 2 - 4, 2016 near Port Huron.   Click on the "Range War" button above for more information and the registration forms.  So, get moving, pards!

**** Important Notices ****

8/29 ALEXANDER'S BANQUET FACILITY HAS MOVED - Please check the map for driving directions and additional information on the Range War banquet Sunday night.
8/29 RANGE WAR HANDBOOK AND SPONSORS - The Range War 2016 Shooter Handbook is now available on the Range War page.  Also, please view our list of sponsors under the Sponsor tab on the Range War page to thank them and to solicit these fine businesses.
8/25 STAGE SCENARIOS - The Range War 2016 Stage Scenarios are now available on the Range War webpage under "Shooter Handbook".
8/21 CALL FOR EPITAPH ARTICLES - If you have articles for the September Epitaph please submit them to Outrider Outlaw by August 29.
8/13 HASTINGS SHOOT MOVED - Hastings has CANCELLED their October 8 shoot and moved it to SEPTEMBER 10.  Please update your calendar accordingly.
8/4 *** UPDATE *** TO HILLMAN SHOOTS - The September 10 and October 8 Monthly Cowboy Shoots for Hillman previously cancelled ARE BACK ON!!!!!.  Several members have stepped up to take over for Rancher Roy.  Thanks for taking over, pards!

*** UPDATE ON RANCHER ROY *** - Rancher Roy suffered a heart attack recently and then had complications after the open heart surgery.  He suffered a stroke that has effected his memory and some of his motor skills.  Please keep Rancher Roy in your thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery.  You may contact him via email.
7/25 DOILY GANG CLINIC - The Doily Gang will be hosting a ladies only clinic for all ages at Range War on Friday, September 2, 9:00-11:30 a.m..  This is not an introduction to CAS but a clinic to work on transitions.  Please read the flyer for additional information and registering......before August 26.
7/18 MILITARY AND PUBLIC SERVICE INFO NEEDED - If you are/were in the military or public service (police, fire and other public safety) and are registering or have already registered for Range War 2016 please send the following information to the Range War Secretary so that it is included in the Shooter Handbook.

·         Shooter’s name and alias
·         Time of service (mm/yyyy - mm/yyyy)
·         Branch of service
·         Rank

7/16 EMF NEW SHOOTER CLINIC - Additional information is available for this clinic that will be held at Range War.
  CONTINUED PRAYERS - Please keep our pards in your thoughts and prayers, keep in contact with them and follow their progress to recovery.
Bad River Marty mnbbell@yahoo.com
Buggy Man geraldknow@gmail.com
Rancher Roy royturay@gmail.com

Updated:   Monday, August 29, 2016