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**** Important Notices ****

6/19 PRAYERS NEEDED - KJ Stevens had a complete removal of a cancerous thyroid on June 13 .  As of June 14 she was home and resting comfortably.  They will know if any radiation is needed after the lab results are in.  You can contact her thru Deuce's email.
6/19 CALL FOR EPITAPH ARTICLES - Please send Outrider Outlaw your Epitaph articles by Tuesday, June 28 for inclusion in the July issue.
6/2 SAGINAW TWO-DAY SHOOT IN JULY - Contact Bad River Marty at mnbbell@yahoo.com or
989-585-3292 if you want information on camping.  The Sunday match is the annual Wolverine Rangers Membership Shoot & Meeting.  More information later.  Please note, Fenton WILL NOT be shooting this day.
6/2 LAPEER CHANGE AND ANNOUNCEMENT - We are cancelling our August 6 Wild Bunch match.  We are going to shoot 3 Wild Bunch stages on Sunday, August 7 after the main match.  The Wranglers will be participating again this year in the Lone Ranger Parade in Oxford, MI on August 6, if anyone would like to join us you are more than welcome.  For more information regarding the parade contact Horse Whisperer George Metis at 810-938-4412
5/24 PLYMOUTH JUNE SHOOT - Hear Ye,  Hear Ye!!  The Johnson Creek Regulators of Plymouth Twp., will host a Long Range side match before our June 25th match.  We will feature our "almost life size" buffalo target with a 16" steel target (sweet spot) at 150-180 yards.  Three shots to cling the steel.  Whoever rings the steel the most gets the 50-50 split.  Bring your Buffalo Guns!!  Only $2 to test your skill!!  Only period correct rifles and carbines!  See you there!  Panhead Pete
2/1 NEW SHOOTER CLINIC - EMF will host a New Shooter Clinic at Range War 2016 focusing on young shooters as well as encourage more women involvement in a family shooting sport that can be enjoyed by everyone.  Click here for more information.
1/15 SASS MEMBER BULLETIN - Click here for a brief summary of updated requirements to run for and hold the office of Territorial Govenor.
  CONTINUED PRAYERS - Please keep our pard in your prayers, keep in contact with him and follow his progress to recovery.
Bad River Marty mnbbell@yahoo.com

Updated:   Sunday, June 19, 2016