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**** Important Notices ****

5/17 CALL FOR EPITAPH ARTICLES - It's getting to be that time again.  If you have something you would like included in the June issue of the Epitaph please e-mail it to the Epitaph Editor by May 28.
5/5 SCOTTVILLE CANCELLATION - Scottville has cancelled their Saturday, May 23 match due to a schedule conflict.
4/27 JULY 19 STUGIS MATCH - An application and information is now available for the 2nd Annual Buckle Shoot held at Stugis on July 19.
4/26 UPDATE ON RED KEG WILL - He is recovering quite well from aortic aneurysm surgery last fall.   He now has a permanent repair so he won't have any concerns of pulling out any of the 15 inches of stitches once he gets things built up.   He's on a 40 pound lifting limit but hopefully that will be raised soon.  He's hoping that he can do some shooting this summer and also reduce the "honey do" list!  I'm taking him off the "continued prayers" list but please think of him and say a prayer for him every so often.  You can contact Red Keg at redkegwill@tds.net
4/20 WILD BUNCH MATCH DATES ADDED - The Rockford Regulators have added two Wild Bunch Match dates:  Friday, June 19 and Sunday, July 19.  Please read a letter from Card Shark Charlie for important information.
The match scheduled for June 7 has been MOVED to June 28.
The Long Range Matches on July 18 and August 29 have been CANCELLED.
4/12 MEMBERSHP SHOOT - For those who plan on attending the membership shoot on Saturday, June 13 at Hastings, please email Slippery Pete at slipperypete9@yahoo.com or text him at 269-838-6944 so he can get a count for food.
3/23 UPDATE ON ADOBE GILLIS - Wonderful news.......he beat Stage IV lung cancer!!!!  Please read the details here.  Even though I'm taking him off the "continued prayers" list please think of him and say a prayer for him every so often.
3/9 RANGE WAR 2015 APPLICATIONS - Shooters and Vendors may now register for Range War 2015 via mail-in registration, online registration or mobile device registration.  Go to the Range War page and click on either Shooter Application or Vendor Application in the left-hand column and choose your method.
  CONTINUED PRAYERS - Please keep our pard in your prayers, keep in contact with him and follow his progress to recovery.
Bad River Marty mnbbell@yahoo.com

Updated:   Sunday, May 17, 2015